Welcome to my official website and the World of Ruin! This is a place where you can read my fantasy stories and connect with me.

What is the World of Ruin?

A gritty, predominately low-fantasy world set in the Old Continent and its surroundings. The World of Ruin is a vast and uncompromising place which hides countless stories for you to explore.

If you decide to take this journey with me, you’ll meet hundreds of characters, travel momentous cities and distant lands, and get involved in the merciless politics of the Old Continent.


A part of my work consists of the ongoing serials I regularly post on this website. Currently, I’m working on Diary of a Fool — the first serial from the World of Ruin. The story is meant to be read as a novel, which I write chapter by chapter and post here and on my Patreon. Eventually, the serial will be concluded and it will form a full novel.

The parts of the stories will be released on a regular basis for everyone to read them here. Apart from Diary of a Fool, there will be more serials posted in the Serials section. All in its time.

Everything I write in this section is free to read, although there are options for those who wish to support my work.


The second part of my website can be found under the Unlisted section.

In this part, you’ll find short stories and poems. Some of them are related to the World of Ruin and the others aren’t. These types of stories are designed to complement the lore, as well as to introduce you to the characters you won’t meet in the Serials.

Support My Work

Some of my work will be posted on this website, but you can support me to get early access and read additional serials and stories. These benefits are available on my Patreon Account.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get in touch with me, see About. If you’re ready to dive into the first serial, start with the Diary of a Fool.

See you in the World of Ruin!